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Part # or Name:

Part # Image Alternate Part # Price Description
2nd Zoom - Repair Repair of the 2nd Zoom for the Canon FPA-3000
BE4-7795-000 Vacuum Pad, Rubber
BF6-3046-000 Unit Finger 5" - 8"
BF6-3046-020 Ceramic Feed Hand
BF6-3467-000 3" - 4" Finger Unit w/ spacer
BG3-2223-000 6" No. 732-01 Layout the HV Chart
BG3-2524-000 BN9-7939-000 Image Shifter #1 Minor Wedge Filter Assembly is BN9-7939-000
BG3-2525-000 BN9-7942-000 Image Shifter #2, Minor Wedge Filter Assembly is BN9-7942-000
BG3-2617-000 8" T2 LCR Wafer Chuck
BG3-2769-000 Image Shifter
BG3-2796-000 Image Shifter - Refurbishment
BG3-3089-000 STG CD2 PCB Assembly
BG3-3367-001 6" No. 310-0 i5 Standard Test Reticle
BG3-3368-000 6" No. 610-04 i5 Standard Test Reticle
BG3-4062-000 Laser Head Unit
BG4-3329-000 Ring Chuck
BG4-3984-000 6" No. 780-02 High Accuracy Reticle
BG4-4329-000 6" Reticle Cassette
BG4-5372-020 Zygo Laser Model 7701 C/E
BG4-6465-000 Measurement PCB (X) Assy
BG4-6631-000 CD I/F PCB ASS'Y
BG4-6690-000 Refurbishment of 1st Condenser Main (Upper)
BG4-6699-000 Refurbishment of Shutter Unit
BG4-6751-000 Hand Unit, Reticle Robot
BG4-6758-U00 4" SEMI Detector Unit (L)
BG4-6761-U00 8" Notch Detector Unit (L)
BG4-6854-000 8" Standard Pin Wafer Chuck Notch
BG4-7928-000 8" Standard Ring Wafer Chuck Notch
BG4-7932-000 8" Standard Ring Wafer Chuck Flat
BG4-7933-000 Vacuum Ring Chuck 6" for FPA-3000
BG4-7938-000 Assy, PCB, IL Pre-Amp
BG4-9175-000 MLE IF PCB
BG4-9593-000 8" Notch T2 LCR Wafer Chuck
BG4-9723-000 4" Standard Pin Wafer Chuck Flat
BG4-9724-000 4" TiO2 Ring/Semi & Jeida Wafer Chuck
BG4-9725-U00 5" Pin Chuck Notch
BG9-3501-000-RP2 PCB, Assy, IMP-2A
BH2-1218-000 Valve, Magnetic
BH3-3688-000 UPS Battery
BM4-0043-000 I-Line Filter Unit (new type)
BN9-2159-000 Cold Mirror Cover Glass
BN9-2203-000 Cold Mirror Cover Glass TTLAF/FRA
BN9-2226-000 Unit Cable Optical, Glass
BN9-2310-000 Uniformity Filter 4%
BN9-2311-000 Uniformity Filter 6%
BN9-2457-000 Uniformity Filter 10%
BN9-2458-000 Uniformity Filter 12%
BN9-2849-003 Uniformity Filter 3% for 248nm
BN9-2849-006 Uniformity Filter 6% for 248nm
BN9-2849-010 Uniformity Filter 10% for 248nm
BN9-2946-000 Glass Plate 1 EX
BN9-2948-000 Glass Plate 2 EX
BN9-5754-000 FRA Mirror G-Line for Mark 3/4
BN9-5759-000 Arc Monitor Mirror for Mark 3/4
BN9-5927-000 G-Line Blue Filter
BN9-6177-030 Ellipsoidal Mirror
BN9-6206-000 Cold Mirror TTLAF/FRA
BN9-6210-xxx Main I-Line Filter TTLAF/FRA 2000
BN9-6211-xxx Sub I-Line Filter TTLAF/FRA FPA 2000
BN9-6634-000 Sub I-Line Filter FRA FPA 3000
BN9-6635-000 Main I-Line Filter FRA FPA3000
BN9-7005-000-011 Filter, optical ND (T= 11%)
BN9-7005-000-025 Filter, Optical, ND (T= 25)
BN9-7005-000-035 Filter, Optical, ND (T= 35)
BN9-7005-000-042 Filter, Optical, ND (T=42)
BN9-7005-000-050 Filter, Optical, ND (T=50)
BN9-7005-080 ND Filter for Uniformity Improvement
BN9-7269-000 Main Exp I-Line Filter FPA2000/2500
BN9-7422-000 Cold Mirror for ALFC/FRA
BN9-7478-000 I Line Filter ALFC
BN9-7513-000 BN3-1845-000 Main Exposure I-Line Filter
BN9-7772-000 Uniformity Filter 4% for FPA 2000/2500
BN9-7773-000 Uniformity Filter 6% for FPA 2000/2500
BN9-7774-000 Cover Glass Lower FPA3000
BN9-7775-000 Upper Cover Glass
BN9-7938-000 Image Shifter #2, Entrance Glass #4
BN9-7940-000 Image Shifter #1, Entrance Glass #1
BN9-7941-000 Image Shifter #2, Exit Glass #6
BN9-7943-000 Image Shifter #1, Exit Glass #3
BN9-8343-000 Image Fiber Unit
BY9-8540-000 UPP-880 Video Printer Sony
BY9-8545-000 UPP-110HD Sony (High Density)
BY9-9199-000 Retainer Shift Correction Tool
BY9-9200-16.7 Block Gauge
BY9-9200-17.3 Block Gauge
BY9-9451-000 Retainer Shift Correction
Compact Flash (CF) D Compact Flash (CF) for the Canon FPA-3000 Series Stepper
Sales Workstation 712/100 with iW HDD
Sales Wafer Chuck, Ring Type, 6"
Sales Wafer Chuck, Ring Type, 8"
Sales Rectangular Fly's eye
Sales Test Reticles 610 and 725
Sales Reticle 780 for uneven focus check iW
Sales Oscillscope: Test Tool
Sales OAI Meter: Test Tool
Sales 6" Standard Pin Chuck for FPA-3000
Sales 8" Low contact Pin Chuck for FPA-3000
Sales Main Exposure I-Line Filter 10nm
Sales Ellipsoidal Mirror
Sales 3" Standard Pin Wafer Chuck Notch
Sales 8" Standard Pin Chuck
Sales 4" Semi Flat PA Unit Conversion
Sales 6" Notch PA Unit Conversion
Sales 6" Semi Flat PA Unit Conversion
Sales 8" Notch PA Unit Conversion
Sales Test Reticle 735
Sales Test Reticle 780-01
Y60-0603-020 605-020 Main Exposure G-Line Filter for Mark3/4
Y60-0603-020 Y60-0605-020 Main Exposure G-Line Filter
Y60-0605-020 Main Exposure G-Line Filter
Y60-0606-020 Main Exposure G-Line Filter
Y60-0671-000 Y60-0672-000 Main Exposure I-Line Filter for FPA-2500 / 3000
Y60-0812-000 Feeding Screw Z
Y60-0862-000 1st Condenser Main Upper
Y60-0862-00R Refurbishment of 1st Condenser Main Upper
Y60-0863-000 1st Condenser Lens
Y60-0866-U00 Fly's Eye Lens Unit
Y60-0941-000 Auto Feeder Send Hand Unit "L"
Y60-1010-000 Plane Parallel Unit
Y60-1071-000 Glass Unit Top
Y60-1156-000 Wedge Unit, 2 Pieces (each mounted in separate disc)
Y60-1160-000 Main Seal Glass
Y60-1227-000 Lens Unit, 2nd Condenser, Type-A, I4
Y60-1229-000 BG4-6695-000 Stepper 3rd Condenser Lens
Y60-1229-R00 3rd Condenser Lens
Y60-1275-000 Seal Glass Unit with Frame
Y60-1276-000 Lambda / 4 Plate Unit
Y60-1301-000 3rd Condenser Lens Assembly
Y60-1301-00R 3rd Condenser Lens Unit with Lens Cap - Refurbished
Y60-2160-000 Piezo Unit, Z Tilt
Y60-2272-000 Fine Theta Extension Cable
Y75-1056-000 X-Terminal
Y75-4922-000 Temperature Controller
Y75-6039-000 Cold Mirror - Edge Bead Removal
Y75-6319-000 712/100 Workstation Computer