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SERVTECH Inc. provides parts to support the Canon Stepper and MPA systems through OEM original, aftermarket, and refurbished parts. In most cases we can provide overnight shipping to anywhere in the US and rush delivery for international customers. All parts supplied by SERVTECH Inc. are backed by a 60 day guarantee.

Photolithography Optics & Capabilities Brochure

Download our Photolithography Optics and Capabilities Brochure in PDF format. This brochure will guide you through each step in the manufacturing process from the design specification until the final testing of the coating surface. Because we only use the finest equipment for precise manufacturing, we can assure you that our coatings are highly dense and stable in terms of environmental and thermal factors. Our equipment is also highly resistant to abrasions and has a high laser damage threshold.
Our photolithography scanner optics services are outlined in this brochure. You will know what to expect as it as a high quality second source optic for your Canon lithography systems.

Compact Flash (CF) Drive

Canon Stepper Parts

Our core offerings here at SERVTECH Inc. consist of Canon Stepper parts and refurbishments. Steppers are used to provide ultra-precision, accurate overlay for a range of imaging applications from LEDs, MEMS, Image Sensors, and Integrated Circuits (IC). SERVTECH Inc. also provides the most comprehensive Canon semiconductor sales, services, training and support. Click on the link above to check out our comprehensive list of Canon Stepper Parts. On the other hand, you can search for stepper parts below.

Canon MPA Parts

Aside from steppers, we also offer MPA Projection Aligner systems. SERVTECH Inc. is an established solution for refurbished, parts, sales, and services for Canon MPA models 600FA/Super and 500Fab. Our engineering team has more than 70 years of combined experiences and is properly equipped to assist you with trainings and services. Click on the link above to check out our comprehensive list of Canon MPA Parts. On the other hand, you can search for MPA parts below.