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SERVTECH Inc. is home to the best Canon photolithography equipment. Each system has its own features that serve varying photolithography needs. To help you decide which equipment is best suited for your fabrication needs, please take a look at the individual specification sheets, which are listed below. Each specification sheet will allow you to see in detail all the features and technical information for each system.

If you’re looking to compare one Canon Stepper to another, for example, the Canon FPA-3000iW to the Canon FPA-3000i4 or perhaps you’d like to compare the Canon MPA-600FA to the Canon MPA-600Super, we can help you with that too. Please see the link below to the Stepper and MPA comparison charts.

Click on the desired Canon Photolithography equipment from the list below and you will be directed to its specification sheet:

Canon Stepper MPA-600FA
Canon Stepper MPA-600 Super
Canon Stepper MPA-500FAb
Canon Stepper FPA-2500i3
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 iW Stepper
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 i4
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 i5
Canon Stepper FPA3000 i5++
Canon Stepper FPA3000 i5++
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 EX6
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 EX5
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 EX4
Canon Stepper FPA-3000 EX3
Canon MPA-600FA and MPA-600Super Comparison Chart
Canon Stepper Comparison Chart

Should you need more information than is listed on the specification sheets, please don’t hesitate to call us and we will gladly assist you. Our engineers are the experts when it comes to Canon Photolithography equipment and they can provide valuable information to help you determine the best system to meet your needs.

Take note that our Canon Photolithography equipment is subject to availability. You may check the Available Equipment page to give you an idea of which equipment is currently available and ready to serve your photolithography needs. However, it is always best to give us a call at 916-985-0117 or send us an email at , so that you can get real time information on availability.

Always remember that SERVTECH Inc. is the best resource for Canon Photolithography equipment. There is simply no better alternative. Contact SERVTECH Inc. today!