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Our focus on sales, service, support, and training of the Canon FPA-3000 Series Steppers and MPAs provides our customers with the unique advantage of a single source for all your Canon photolithography procurement needs. We are experienced in sourcing, as well as performing systems analysis, to insure that you are getting the right equipment to meet the demand s of your specific fabrication.

Browse through our collection of available photolithography equipment and you are sure to find the right one for you!

If you don’t see availability in the equipment you are looking for, let our worldwide network go to work for you to find the equipment to meet your requirements. Contact us with your inquiries today.

The following photolithography equipment are available as of posting:

CTC Unit  (1 available)
CTC Unit for Canon MPA-600
Unit comes with Thermocoupler probe, and 150mm Hose (new).
Crated and ready to ship.

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Canon MPA-600Super  (Not available)

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Canon FPA-3000i4  (Not available)

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Canon FPA-2500i3  (Not available)

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Note: All equipment is subject to prior sale.

Having a hard time deciding what’s the best photolithography equipment for you? For more information on the available Canon MPA or FPA, please look at their specification sheets, or give us a call and we will gladly assist you. Our experts can discuss each product, and at the same time assess your needs and suggest the best equipment for you. You will surely get the photolithography equipment that will serve you best!

SERVTECH Inc. is home to the best photolithography equipment that you can find. You won’t only find the best equipment here, you will also get top of the line service, support, and training. Get the best photolithography equipment and utilize it to the fullest capacity, only with SERVTECH Inc.! Call us now!