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Canon Stepper MPA-600 Super

The Canon MPA-600Super is a 1:1 mirror projection mask aligner, which features improved overlay accuracy for mass production of VLSI devices. It’s development was based on the MPA-600FA and MPA-500FAb. The new design achieves better yield, higher throughput and improved stability.
Auto Feeder: Single or double, cassette to cassette, backside wafer handling
Wafer size: 6”,  5” and 4” sizes available)
Mask size: 7”,  6” and 5” sizes available)
Illumination: 2KW High Pressure Mercury Lamp
Intensity:  > 600mW / cm2 (6 inch wafer)
Illumination Uniformity:   + 3%
Aperture sizes:  0.7, 0.6, 0.5
Exposure Uniformity:  + 3%
Resolution: 1.5um
Depth of Focus: > + 6um (linewidth 1.5um)
Magnification: < 0.2um (PDC ON)
Distortion: 3sigma < 0.5um (PDC OFF)
Scanning Accuracy: < + 1.5%
Auto Alignment Accuracy: LBS AA 3sigma < 0.58um  (HeNe laser beam scan)

TV AA   3sigma < 0.43um  (TV image processing)
Throughput (6”wafer): > 89 wfs/h (first mask mode)
> 77 wfs/h (LBS AA mode)
> 68 wfs/h (TVAA mode)
Required Facilities:
MPA-600FA: 200 VAC, 3Phase, 6 kVA, 50/60Hz
Air Supply(CTC): 200 VAC, 3Phase, 8 kVA, 50/60Hz
CDA(Clean Dry Air)Pressure: minimum 6.5 kg/cm2  ,    flow rate  130 lit/min
Vacum: 50 cmHg or more
Exhaust Flow(for illuminator): 6.5 m/sec to 9.5 m/sec (measured at illuminator output)