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Stepper Service and Training

Posted on: 02/03/2016

SERVTECH, INC. is a recognized leader when it comes to the sales, service, and training related to Canon photolithography systems. So, if you are looking for help with your Canon Steppers, or if you wish to have training for the operation of Canon photolithography equipment, then SERVTECH, Inc. is the best around.

Stepper Service

SERVTECH can provide you with top quality service for your photolithography systems, especially with Canon Steppers. SERVTECH can help you install, maintain, and repair your steppers so they provide optimum performance all the time.

We can also provide the following services for your steppers:

  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • De-installation
  • Equipment Relocation
  • System Optimization

SERVTECH is composed of expert engineers who have more than seven decades of combined service and support of Canon photolithography equipment. You can expect that you will get the highest quality of service for your Canon Steppers with SERVTECH, INC.

If you have specific concerns or service requests, call SERVTECH and we can discuss how we can be of help.

Stepper Training

SERVTECH, INC is home to highly-skilled engineers who have all received training from Canon’s factory itself. We have comprehensive knowledge of Canon’s photolithography equipment, including the Canon FPA-3000 Series Steppers, and we can provide training for the operation of your Steppers.

Having been established in 1994, SERVTECH has already provided over twenty years of sales, service, and training for Canon photolithography equipment so you can be assured that you will receive excellent training from us. Our trainers are on top of their games and will be able to fully train you and your operation and maintenance staff.

For Stepper Service and Training, call SERVTECH now!

Receive the best Canon Stepper service and training, only from SERVTECH. Call us now and let’s get you on the going with your photolithography equipment.