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Posted on: 06/02/2015

SEMICON West, the most-awaited yearly event for the microelectronics industry, will hold its 45th run on July 14th to the 16th in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. SEMICON West has been the hub of innovation, opportunity, technology, and information on microelectronics ever since it started.

Through the years, visitors have been able to get a grasp of new products born out of microelectronics such as semiconductors, photovoltaics, micro-electromechanical systems, nano-electornics, solid state lighting, flexible electronics, and many more. Technologies that range from designing, to wafer processing, and to manufacturing, can be witness in the extravagant showcase of innovation in the world of microelectronics brought to us only though SEMICON West.

Furthermore, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and other businesses of the microelectronics industry are able to network with the visitors, as they exhibit their products and services. The exhibitors can also network with each other in an effort to further the great possibilities that microelectronics can bring about. Take advantage of the 650 exhibitors from around the globe and witness how microelectronics have changed, is changing, and will change the world as you know it. SEMICON West 2015 is the place to be surrounded by the ever-changing technological world.

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SERVTECH has been an exhibitor for the past five years at SEMICON West and we look forward to participating again this year. You have the chance to see for yourself why we pride ourselves in providing topnotch quality products and services.

Witness how we at SERVTECH, have set the bar to a whole new level for Canon photolithography. Dedicated to delivering unparalleled professional photolithography solutions, SERVTECH is distinguished for providing sales, service, and support of Canon photolithography and Mirror Projection Aligners.

Get the opportunity to sit down with our President to learn more about SERVTECH and why we are the company you should trust for your photolithography needs.

For SEMICON West 2015, we are excited to be co-exhibiting with Rite-Track, known for its quality products and excellent service on track equipment. For the best production equipment, know that you are in the right track with Rite-Track.

Both SERVTECH and Rite-Track believe that you, our customers, deserve nothing but the best products, services, and support that would not only meet, but beat the industry standards, as we set our own level of quality. Be assured that through SERVTECH and Rite-Track, your photolithography and track equipment needs would be catered to.

SEMICON West 2015 is the heart of the microelectronics industry in the United States. It’s your one-stop shop in getting updated with all the goings-on in microelectronics. With hundreds of exhibitors including SERVTECH and Rite-Track, it’s an understatement to say that you will learn a thing or two!

So make sure to attend this year’s SEMICON WEST and visit us at Booth 1239!