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What is a Canon MPA?

Posted on: 05/01/2015

Today, modern television sets are getting bigger and bigger, yet, the over-all clarity no matter how big it gets should still remain within standards in order to be able to call it a high-quality television. It’s quite amazing to think that huge television sets are still crisp and sharp.

But first, how do our LCD Televisions work?

LCD TVs can create images by continuously illuminating millions of pixels, which generate green, red, and blue lights. High definition television sets contain approximately 18 million of these pixels. Thin-film transistors (TFT) in each pixel turns individual pixels on and off by switching the voltage.

TFT circuits are merely 3 micrometers wide (30 times thinner than a human hair strand). To be able to draw such tiny circuit patterns on a large television, exposure equipment is used.   The pixel pattern is drawn on an optical mask to expose and develop a large glass substrate. Since the patterns measure so small, mirror projection aligners (MPA) are used to precisely etch the patterns. It’s a very complex process that allows us to be able to watch our television sets.

Without Canon MPA’s and other similar semiconductors, it would be very difficult to manufacture large televisions.  Not to mention that high-definition TVs take more effort to retain the quality of the image that is generated by the pixels that we don’t actually see with our naked eyes. Who would have thought that such a rigorous process is needed for us to be able to enjoy our favorite TV programs?

Canon has made the biggest concave mirror (1.5 meters in diameter, and 1.3 tons in weight) for mirror projection aligners to be able to manufacture the televisions that we enjoy today. With this concave mirror, Canon is able to do single shot exposure of the large liquid panels of our televisions. Canon can create six wide-format 52-inch liquid crystal panels at a time – that’s 6 huge televisions at a time! Imagine how many of those little pixels and TFT those would account for!

SERVTECH, Inc. has Canon MPA’s available for mass-production of the panels used for our televisions, which can also be used for our tablets, phones, and other screens:

  • Canon MPA-600FA
  • Canon MPA-600Super
  • Canon MPA-500FAb

For more information and the specifications of these Canon MPA’s, check the following links:

Canon MPA-600FA

Canon MPA-600Super

Canon MPA-500FAb

The minuscule pixels and their TFT friends play a huge role for us to be able to watch yet we seem to not be able to appreciate them. It takes a lot of precision to be able to come up with a good television and with SERVTECH, Inc. and Canon MPAs, that is possible.

The future of not only televisions, but of monitors, of tablets, and of phones, is bright with Canon and its Canon MPAs.

For more information on Canon MPAs, give SERVTECH, Inc. a call and we’ll gladly assist you.