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Canon MPA Training

Posted on: 01/29/2015

SERVTECH offers training courses for Canon Steppers, such as the Canon FPA-3000 i-line and EX Series Steppers. We also provide training for the Canon MPA-600FA, Canon MPA-600Super and the Canon MPA-500FAb Mirror Projection Aligners. Our courses are focused on training your team to be more capable of handling your Canon systems with safety and security. At SERVTECH, we know the importance of keeping your Canon systems up and running and minimizing/eliminating down time. That’s why we highly encourage all of our customers to participate in the appropriate training course or courses for the Canon Mirror Projection Aligners or Canon Stepper systems that are used in your facility.

The Canon FPA-3000 i-line and EX Series Stepper training courses utilize step lock performance based training. Our training format is accepted in the semiconductor industry as one of the highest effective methods for training operators, maintenance personnel, and process engineering staff. We offer five courses for the Canon FPA-3000 i-line and EX Series Steppers, including the following: Stepper Operation, Preventive Maintenance, Software Training, Advanced Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. All of these courses have been tested at major semiconductor manufacturers, resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Our Canon FPA-3000 Series Stepper courses will teach your team how to perform safety checks, system status checks, start up, shutdown, reset and subsystem resets, software navigation, job selection, load and configuring, unit description, sequence of operations, basic fault recognition and last but not least, this course will also teach your team members how to perform daily testing. Training courses will be performed on-site, at your facility.

SERVTECH’s Canon MPA-600 and MPA-500 training classes will teach the necessary skills to allow participants to become certified to perform basic equipment operations, preventative maintenance, and efficiently use the technical manuals. Some of the skills that will be taught in the Canon MPA, Mirror Projection Aligner, classes will be instructing the Canon MPA engineers on locating and identifying sub systems of the Canon MPA. They will perform intensity and exposure check/adjustments, replace and start-up new lamps and understand electrical schematics and all PCB functions on the Canon MPA. In addition, the instructor will discuss laser beam scan, auto alignment and TVAA related to the Canon MPA system that is used in your facility.

We also offer an Advanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting course for the more experienced technicians and engineers looking to get more in depth with their Canon MPA equipment. In SERVTECH’s advanced courses, students will be taught how to perform mask to wafer alignment. They will perform laser installation and adjustment, along with detailed instruction on performing daily, weekly and monthly PM’s. Performing regular PM’s are vital to the performance of your Canon MPA system and having your engineers perform these duties successfully will promote better intensity and output.

Our Canon MPA training courses are designed for operators, process engineers and maintenance personnel. All courses are one week long and will take place on site, at your facility. The team at SERVTECH knows how important it is for your team to be properly trained on your Canon systems, which is why we offer the highest quality training available in the industry. We will help your team reach their potential. Contact us today!