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Canon MPA 600 Mask ALigner

Posted on: 07/31/2014

Servtech has a great variety of photolithography equipment to choose from; if you are looking for an Aligner, the Canon MPA 600 Mask Aligner is just what you need. The MPA 600 is a mirror projection aligner with a single auto feeder. It is cassette to cassette and it also has backside wafer handling.

The Canon MPA 600 has various wafer and mask sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 7 inches. It comes with constant temperature control that controls the monitor and system temperature within +-.3 degrees C.

A semiconductor lithography equipment is used to project electrical circuit patterns on silicon wafers. A laser beam shines on a photo mask to create an image of the circuit on a silicon wafer. Doing this requires a high precision semiconductor such as the Canon MPA 600. Servtech is an industry leader, providing clients with the best refurbished steppers and photolithography equipment such as the Canon MPA 600.

The Canon MPA 600 is a mirror projection aligner. It features a full-field exposure. The new aligner allows capable volume production of large format liquid crystal displays. By getting rid of field stitching problems in the manufacturing of larger substrates, the Canon MPA 600 also cuts down mask design time as well as the lithography costs of flat panel LCD manufacturing.

We have a well-trained staff that is ready to help answer all your questions. We offer training on all our equipment. The Cannon MPA 600 is well worth the investment; we guarantee years and years of high quality working lithography equipment.

If you are looking for a Canon MPA 600, call us today! We can help you find the one that you need and we can also train you and your entire team on how to use it. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.