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Now Available: CANON MPA-500FAB

Posted on: 10/07/2015

Looking for a mirror projection aligner?

SERVTECH, Inc. has two of the Canon MPA-500FAb system available.  They are in stock and stored in our warehouse in the United States. The MPA-500FAb is a great mirror projection mask aligner that may just be the right photolithography equipment for your process.

The MPA-500FAb is a 1:1 mirror projection aligner which can accommodate wafer sizes between 3 inches and 5 inches, and mask sizes between 4 inches and 6 inches. The auto feeder allows for single, cassette-to-cassette, backside wafer handling.

Number of stocks available: 2

Product Specifications:

Auto Feeder: Single, cassette to cassette, backside wafer handling
Wafer Size: 5”, 4” and 3”
Mask size: 6”, 5” and 4”
Illumination: 2KW High Pressure Mercury Lamp
Intensity: > 600mW / cm2 (6 inch wafer)
Illumination Uniformity: + 3%
Aperture sizes: 1.0, 1.1,
Exposure Uniformity: + 3%
Resolution: 1.5μm (positive resist)
Depth of Focus: >  + 6μm (line width 1.5μm)
Magnification: < 0.4μm (3sigma)
Distortion: 3sigma < 0.5um
Scanning Accuracy: < + 1.5%
Auto Alignment Accuracy: LBS AA 3sigma < 0.6um (HeNe laser beam scan)
Throughput (6”wafer): > 83 wfs/h (first mask mode)
> 72 wfs/h (LBS AA mode


SERVTECH’s quality service does not end with just providing you with our products. We also ensure that your engineers will be well-trained for the operation of our photolithography equipment. Our experts will ensure that all your questions about the MPA-500FAb will be answered, and that you will be able to use it to its fullest potential. The MPA-500FAb is a good investment and we’ll let you know how to maximize this wonderful equipment. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our training program.

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Do you have more questions about the Canon MPA-500FAb? Give us a call and we will let you know why it is the right photolithography equipment for you!