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Posted on: 06/01/2016

SERVTECH, Inc., home of quality photolithography equipment, which includes the Canon FPA-3000 Series Steppers and Canon Mirror Projection Aligners.  Today, we would like to highlight the photolithography equipment that we currently have in stock. Right now, SERVTECH has the Canon MPA-600FA, the Canon MPA-600Super, and the Canon MPA-500FAb in our inventory. One of these systems […]

History of Canon Steppers

Posted on: 04/06/2016

The intricate process of photolithography can only be achieved over and over again with the help of top quality tools. Steppers are indispensable in photolithography. They enable the printing of millions of very small patterns or circuits on to tiny surfaces, such as that of silicon chips and wafers. Canon steppers began with a dream […]

Stepper Service and Training

Posted on: 02/03/2016

SERVTECH, INC. is a recognized leader when it comes to the sales, service, and training related to Canon photolithography systems. So, if you are looking for help with your Canon Steppers, or if you wish to have training for the operation of Canon photolithography equipment, then SERVTECH, Inc. is the best around. Stepper Service SERVTECH […]

Now Available: CANON MPA-500FAB

Posted on: 10/07/2015

Looking for a mirror projection aligner? SERVTECH, Inc. has two of the Canon MPA-500FAb system available.  They are in stock and stored in our warehouse in the United States. The MPA-500FAb is a great mirror projection mask aligner that may just be the right photolithography equipment for your process. The MPA-500FAb is a 1:1 mirror […]


Posted on: 06/02/2015

SEMICON West, the most-awaited yearly event for the microelectronics industry, will hold its 45th run on July 14th to the 16th in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. SEMICON West has been the hub of innovation, opportunity, technology, and information on microelectronics ever since it started. Through the years, visitors have been able to […]

What is a Canon MPA?

Posted on: 05/01/2015

Today, modern television sets are getting bigger and bigger, yet, the over-all clarity no matter how big it gets should still remain within standards in order to be able to call it a high-quality television. It’s quite amazing to think that huge television sets are still crisp and sharp. But first, how do our LCD […]

SERVTECH: The #1 Source for Canon Steppers

Posted on: 03/10/2015

For over 20 years, the professionals at SERVTECH, Inc. have led the way in providing unique servicing needs and technical training for Canon Mirror Projection Aligners and Canon Steppers.  SERVTECH experts specialize in providing solutions related to the Canon MPA, specifically the Canon MPA-600FA, Canon MPA-600Super and Canon MPA-500Fab, in addition to the FPA-3000 i-line […]

Canon MPA Training

Posted on: 01/29/2015

SERVTECH offers training courses for Canon Steppers, such as the Canon FPA-3000 i-line and EX Series Steppers. We also provide training for the Canon MPA-600FA, Canon MPA-600Super and the Canon MPA-500FAb Mirror Projection Aligners. Our courses are focused on training your team to be more capable of handling your Canon systems with safety and security. […]

More About FAB Owner’s Capital Recovery Program

Posted on: 01/05/2015

Servtech offers different services that can extend the useful life of your Canon photolithography and Canon Stepper equipment, but when it comes to increasing the market value of our client’s investments, we provide the best coverage in the market. When you partner with Servtech before or at the time a tool is scheduled for decommissioning, […]

Canon MPA 600 Mask ALigner

Posted on: 07/31/2014

Servtech has a great variety of photolithography equipment to choose from; if you are looking for an Aligner, the Canon MPA 600 Mask Aligner is just what you need. The MPA 600 is a mirror projection aligner with a single auto feeder. It is cassette to cassette and it also has backside wafer handling. The […]